Online Betting

The spread of online gaming in Italy - as in the rest of the states at the international level - has given rise to the need to reorganize and regulate this sector continues to grow.

Now on the Internet you can find applications to play barrack, trump, scale 40, poker, bingo, sports betting and events in general, scratch cards and games of any kind, available 24 hours every day, and 24 from the comfort of their own personal computer or even from your mobile phone.

Therefore it was necessary rules to protect the players and their bets, which, although online, in some cases, are based on credit cards and real money. The decree issued by the Italian government is composed of five different articles about the rules of the games online sports betting and horse racing, card games (tournaments, a fixed fee, or other game modes).

Betting and tournaments that could include the 'interaction between real and virtual players, bingo and instant lotteries. The rules have the priority to avoid excess play (avoid it from becoming a "pathological gambling") and implement security systems to protect online gamers and the data released at the time of the online casino.

For example have been implemented systems that enable players themselves of self-restraint in episodes and in the maximum number of matches per day. Although still very popular real casinos, the online gaming industry is constantly growing, as evidenced by industry professionals.

Must always ensure free assistance 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7, for any problem that may arise during the installation of game software at the time of deposit and withdrawal and for the duration of your stay in online casino. Such assistance should be multilingual (but you can just check that you have the Italian) and available via chat, email or toll free number.

If the online casino you have chosen meets all these features, you can be sure that they landed in good hands and you can start to play and have fun without having to worry about the safety and professionalism offered. The advice is to read the information that the online casino offers you, and only after having assessed the reliability, get busy with your bets.