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Unlike other casino games where chance predominates, it is you who are influencing the game Blackjack. Each of your decisions, your strategy, your ability to count cards will allow you to take advantage of the casino.

In this section, our professional players have tested and evaluated for you the best blackjack sites, we will also explain the rules and effective strategies to maximize your chances of winning. It is very easy to learn to play blackjack. In a game, all players compete Bank, represented by the croupier. The goal is total 21 points, or to approach, without ever exceeding them.

For a good start, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of blackjack, then familiarize yourself with the basic strategy. These tactics will help you know when to hit or when to stop depending on your hand and the dealer's up card. Established by mathematical probabilities, these strategies blackjack will help you increase your expected gain and will be very useful whatever the variant of blackjack that you play.

The golfers can also learn different techniques for counting cards or try the many variations of the game: Blackjack Over / Under 13, Black Jack Red / Black, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Royal Match, Car Games etc.

The rules of blackjack are fairly simple. Your goal is to get a hand closest to 21 points without going over, enough to beat the dealer. In this section we explain the basics of blackjack and suggest further reading on strategy. If you do not know the rules of blackjack, we highly recommend you read this article before you sit down at a real money table, even virtual. Otherwise you may commit costly mistakes!

Then with 7 discovered the bench the player should not ever split the hand with two 6 nor double with A / 6 or 9, and also the choice of staying having realized a 16 could be an error, because the possibility that not suffice it are quite high. The best thing in all cases just seen is simply to draw paper.

In these cases the probability of "high" are quite high for the bettor, and staying is too risky as a 15 or 16 scores are too low, while the dealer has a good chance to score a good score, that's why losing only half of the challenge would prove in most of these cases the best thing to do.