Online Gambling

This clause is called Wager Requirement (Play through) and is expressed through a multiplier: 15x for example means you must wager 15 times the bonus amount before you can withdraw from your account.

Then there are the so-called Bonus no deposit casinos that offer you to get closer without you spending a dime. How do they work. There are of different types. Some will simply ask you to register by entering your details and give you a coupon to play.

The minimum amount is usually a gift of € 10 and you have to bet before you can withdraw from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 60 times the value of the bonus. Double check, because many casinos offer this bonus without deposit only if you download the application (the client) system, while others force you to register your credit card to get the coupons.

There are no deposit bonus temporary (Bonus Hour Free Play), giving you that a few hours of free play. After a minimum of bets placed, usually percent, within the time it is offered, you can transfer your winnings to your real account for a maximum of 100 or 200 euro.

Then there are the Bonus Cash Back, that in the event of loss will reimburse a percentage of the money you bet. In general, the cash back, refund, ranging from a minimum of 15-20% to a maximum of 50% of the amount bet. These promotions are very useful for novice players.

There are also special bonuses such as High Roller Bonus, designed to invite the more experienced players to join and apply to both welcome offers, rebates are based on the methods of payment chosen. The Bonus Free Spins give you instead 'revolutions' additional, ie some additional bets Free. They cater especially to those who play the slot machines, but some casinos offer free bets on all games.

Of course, in this case you exceed a certain play through before you can collect. Another exception is made for Monthly Bonuses instead (which does not exclude the initial bonus), which is intended for those who play on a regular basis and who frequents the casino for long periods of time. Generally, it is guaranteed a bonus based on a percentage of the amount paid by the player on your account every month. A few casinos, best, offer a bonus of 100%.