Rules of Keno Game

Keno has become a very popular game, because its principles are easy to remember and the game does not require complex strategic planning. In traditional casinos, players mark 20 numbers on the card to play keno. You can choose a number from 1 to 80. After that, the players bet bets and choose how many numbers they want to select, and how high is their facility, 20 balls are drawn from the drum or generated by a computer using a random number generator .

The payment depends on the number of numbers that he chose the player and on how high was the plant in relation to the number trafionych numbers in the round. The game basically consists of 4 stages: selection of numbers, the choice of the establishment, draw numbers and results.When you play at an online casino keno can happen minor differences and they depend on the particular online casino. In some online casinos players can select up to 15 numbers, in others only 10. Online casinos do not give you the option to choose 20 numbers, rather it will be 15 or 10, so be sure to check the rules of the game in online casino keno.

Online Keno is a game that is easy to play, but to ensure you have a good time and a chance to win, you can use the strategy of the game. Although Keno is a game of chance, you can still play in such a way as to minimize the house edge and increase your chances of winning. Regardless of whether your online casino keno offers a version with 10 or 15 numbers, there are some strategies that can be used in the selection of numbers. Most players make the mistake of thinking that if they choose the maximum number of numbers, it will have the best chance to win.

It is a mistake, because the probability of hitting exactly 10 or 15 numbers are very low, and when playing with the maximum amount of numbers increases the house edge. Usually it is better to choose from 3 to 9 numbers, which reduces the advantage of the casino to a minimum. For example, if you select 10 numbers, the odds of hitting all 10 numbers and winning the main prize is a 8,911,702 to 1, but if you choose 9 numbers chances of winning the top prize are reduced to 1,389,686 to 1, and if you select only 3 numbers, the odds of winning the top prize are like 71.07 to 1.Always check the paytable and the percentage payout online casino chosen in order to determine the best strategy game of keno. If the casino that you choose, do not have this information, or refuse to grant you such data, it would be best if you find a better and more reliable online casino.