Top Poker Games

The invention of online poker has made it much easier learning to play poker. While some people insist that the free spins, no money, not teach you anything about your abilities as a player, I do not agree with them.

(All links found on this page offer Texas Hold'em and other poker games free. Moreover, novices would do well to consult the How to Play Poker page, which will take you to pages site for beginners on rules, hands order, etc.).

Firstly, and most importantly, learn to play poker is a process, an evolution, a journey itself. This requires a lot of willpower. The first time someone plays it is zero, if only because he does not know all the rules. Then you must have the desire to become better. The simple act of play should not be your ultimate goal. You improve in a game that offers choice is a big part of the pleasure itself.

Free poker games online seem unnecessary at first sight. Except when the fake money can be converted into free promotional gifts (clothes, books, poker chips), win or lose fake money made very little difference. But if you try to improve yourself, you do not play for the fake money. But you play to learn.

Although the parties have their money without obvious limitations, they can say a lot to a new player. If you can not overcome when parties without money, you can not take it no more when you play money. Games without money have no rake and bad to the game is absurd and it is precisely because they are free.

When you're a newcomer, it is important that you understand this. After spending a few hours playing without money, it is good to leave the table to go play for money. But if you spend a lot of free time to play and you lose, there is a 99% chance that you're a bad player.

But if you spend more than 10 or 15 hours a day to play free games, there are chances that you will lose your time, especially if your goal is to learn how to play poker. Especially since you have the opportunity to play at 1-2 hundred parts online. (The free games are also useful for experienced poker players who are new to the world of online poker and computer. You can spend as much time as you want to learn how to play online without spending a cent.)