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When you sign up for the first time at ranking of the best bonuses, one is always amazed by the amount of the bonuses offered by various casino Casino. You can get there from 100 to 400 € bonus for a single deposit! All without the need to unlock but then immediately available!

You may wonder, where's the catch? Did we asked several times. Everything can be solved by talking to an operator via chat casino  the 'devil is in the need to develop a certain amount of game to unlock the bonus amount and the money invested.

Let's take an example: if we have deposited € 20 and received a bonus of € 100, in order to withdraw the funds will be necessary to develop a volume of bets equal to 120 × 20 = 2400 €! Everything will be done in the slot or games that create this volume, then we will have a limited choice.

Needless to say that it is important to be well informed before you choose to receive a bonus or first deposit because of the withdrawal of this sum may be very, very difficult. Surely this is an ingenious method to make money, and it does not constitute a fraud against the player, because you can choose whether or not the bonus.

After having spoken of the procedures for collecting money in various online casinos with bonus, we want to talk about the ways in our "best" in which to make the deposit and the bonus. Certainly in the world of online casino most of them, if not all, offers a bonus, bonuses ranging from no deposit bonus, welcome bonus for new depositors', the loyalty bonus, special or whatever.

All bonuses that are offered, as mentioned, to be picked up they need to reach a volume of a game, but you have to be careful, because not all games contribute to the achievement of the wager requirements, and some apply only in part.

If you are unsure about which games you want to play the bonus of course choose the games in which bets are counted in their entirety and not just a percentage. Let's take an example: If you need to cash out your bonus bet of € 100 for 20 times, you have to bet a total of € 2000 if you play the slot machines, but if you choose a game that is only half, you committee 4000.So, always choose the games that give you 100% of the volume of play, even if they are not your favorite.